Why we had to break away and why other recruiters probably won't.

Why We Had To Make A Change

It's not pleasant being part of an industry that's constantly criticised. It's even worse when you agree with a lot of what's being said. 

The only way we could continue was if we developed a solution that actually worked - something we could be proud of.

Hopefully, that's what we've done.

What did our competitors think about our new direction?

Most industry insiders were sure it wouldn't work. They questioned how we would remain profitable if we shifted from 'sales' to 'placement success'.

Their response made us nervous - especially when we were turning down business that didn't fit our new direction.

However, we also found - as we had hoped - that we weren't alone. Most people involved in the recruitment process also dislike the current way of doing things. All they want is a successful placement with the least amount of 'distractions' possible. 

Thankfully, their support and recommendations have made up for any short term 'losses' we might make against the 'sales approach'.

Why haven't other companies copied us?

To follow our vision, we had to make substantial changes. For the larger companies, this would be nearly impossible. They have committed everything to the 'sales approach' - from the way they get paid to the type of people they employ. Even if it was somehow possible, there is no incentive. They are, after all, still very profitable.

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If our approach appeals to you, please feel free to get in touch. Although we can’t guarantee outcomes, we can say that we will give you the best possible chance of success when the time comes.


We constantly test research and ideas that claim to boost your career.

Reports have included:

  • methods to improve your current role.
  • techniques to spot 'bad' jobs that look great at interviews.
  • Negotiation strategies that are designed to lead to better offers.

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