How the 'unsuccessful' recruiter can profit from failure.

Why The Recruitment ‘Guarantee’ Encourages Failure.

The guarantee is supposed to ensure a recruitment company does its job well. If things don't work out, it offers at least a partial refund. It makes sense. It 'guarantees' the recruiter has used their expertise to provide the right match for everyone.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work.

Recruiters know they’ll rarely have to make a refund. The guarantee is seldom triggered - even when everything goes disastrously wrong.

Usually, the guarantee lasts for two, possibly three months. Imagine if you're the unlucky candidate and things aren't working out. How long would it take you to leave?

After you’ve spent at least a month trying to make it work, you’ve still got to find, apply, be interviewed, be accepted and reference-checked for a new position. Assuming you’re lucky and find the right role straight away, you’re still going to be comfortably outside the recruiter’s two or three month guarantee period.

This makes the ‘success guarantee’ meaningless.

How the ‘unsuccessful’ recruiter can profit from getting it wrong.

When you finally manage to get out of the role, guess who’s got the head-start on filling the now urgent, newly-vacant role? As your consultant probably knew you were about to leave, they may even have your replacement lined up.

Crazily, by making a failed placement, they stand to make twice the money!

In all fairness, it’s unlikely that your recruiter would aim to fail, but it does show that the ‘guarantee’ offers no guarantee at all.

A guarantee that works

We wanted to ensure that our success rate is always our priority. The first thing we did was to offer a new type of guarantee. We extended the guarantee from the standard two or three months to twelve months.

We wanted to be sure we never fall back to the short term tactics that plague the recruitment industry. Now if we did, we wouldn’t get paid. It's a simple way to ensure our goals are always precisely the same as yours - you taking the next step towards a successful career.


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