The three steps needed to get the highest possible success rate for candidates.

What’s Different About Us?

Once we'd established the traditional 'sales' based recruitment doesn't work, we started work on developing a new approach. We wanted it to focus purely on giving you the best possible chance of succeeding in your new role.

We quickly identified the three key steps essential to achieving consistent, successful placements. We also found why the old sales approach, instead of helping, gets in the way. (Click on the tabs to read more.)

We're not suggesting any of this is ‘rocket science’. It’s just a matter of ensuring everything is focused - and keeps focused - on the right goal, rather than getting sidetracked with all the usual sales ‘distractions’.

If you would like to discuss your career, please feel free to get in touch. Although we can’t guarantee outcomes, you can be sure we share the same goal as you.


We constantly test research and ideas that claim to boost your career.

Reports have included:

  • methods to improve your current role.
  • techniques to spot 'bad' jobs that look great at interviews.
  • Negotiation strategies that are designed to lead to better offers.

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